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The importance of office chairs

The importance of office chairs

Xincheng j furniture 2019-07-01 14:09:51
The importance of office chairs

People working at long-term desks are facing problems with the cervical spine. How to reduce the damage to the body caused by long-term desks? We can sit up and walk for a while, we can do a simple stretching exercise, but there are many people who invest too much in their work, forgetting to let the body rest is inevitable. At this point, the right office chair is especially important.

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1. First look at the appearance, this does not require me to introduce more, each person's aesthetic is not the same, just choose the style color you like.

2. When the depth of the office chair is more formal, the person's sitting posture is more sitting. If the person's sitting position is correct, they must sit in the "light" position in front of the chair. If you are at home, people will be more relaxed, and this situation is unlikely to go deeper. Therefore, when you sit down, you should sit down and sit down and try the depth of the whole body. You can see if it meets your office needs.

Let's take a look at the features of the office chair. The backrest is the primary task of the office chair. It bears your entire waist and therefore has a high demand for its strength. The backrest must have complex lumbar support. Soothes the waist, allowing you to sit comfortably for a long time without pain.

4. If the office chair has a headrest, you can add a lot of points. When your neck is sour and rests on your back, the feeling of neck pain will be relieved immediately.

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The armrests of the office chair are fixed and lifted. The lifting armrest can be adjusted according to personal comfort. A suitable armrest can relieve the pressure on the shoulder.

6. The seat cushion is not flexible and the airtight seat is not selected.
Seats on the market are usually divided into three types. The first is leather + sponge, the second is mesh + sponge, and the other is pure mesh. If the materials used in these three mats are high quality products, they will actually be very breathable and comfortable. The leather is very breathable, but leather seats are usually more expensive;
This mesh + sponge pad is the most common, and it has been very active to fully use the filling sponge in office chairs for several years;

The whole net mat has been well received by the market because it allows people to see it breathable, but the mat of pure mesh mat has great defects. The life of a typical material is much shorter than that of a mesh + sponge. After all, the cushion is the most critical part of the body, and the difference in quality and health of the net is particularly large.

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7. The seat is not strong and unstable.
Stability is an important test of whether there is a risk of tipping when the office chair moves forward and then moves sideways. Consumers can adjust their seats to the state that is the easiest to turn over. : First, adjust the elastic adjustment according to “tightening before loosening” (ie, adjust to the minimum when tilting forward, adjust to the widest when tilting backward); then adjust the lift seat to the highest; then find the easy turning direction should be It is the middle position of any two feet of the five-star foot. Finally, the palm of the hand presses the edge of the seat vertically downwards to clearly feel the tilting ability of the seat. If the stability is not good, usually a little force, the chair will fall over.
Consumers of the above four office chairs should carefully select the work, the health and safety of the employees, and prevent the possibility of danger.

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