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How to choose and identify the quality and safety of office chairs

How to choose and identify the quality and safety of office chairs

xinchen xinchengjiaju 2019-03-18 11:34:37

There are many types of office chairs and different functions. Choosing a good office chair is of great significance to the work and health of office workers. What kind of office chair is better to use, can meet most office needs?
Users and office furniture purchasers can choose the appropriate office chair according to the following criteria:

The ergonomic design is essentially to make the designed office chair fit the human body's natural form from the sitting position. When a person is at work, the body and spirit do not need any active adaptation to the seat, giving the spine a protective function, reducing the pressure on the various parts of the body, making the blood circulation smooth, eliminating fatigue and improving work efficiency.

2. seat back cushion, height and angle
The easy-to-use office swivel chair is made to be reinforced, the steel frame structure is reinforced, and the seat back cushion capacity is replaced by the seat back. High-density styling cotton padding, comfortable audit, giving strong support to the back of the buttocks, not easy to collapse, durable, and excellent softness.

The advanced and angle adjustment of the back of the chair provides the user with appropriate back support to help the person maintain the correct sitting posture to ensure that the user's spine is not damaged by long hours of work.

3. Firm reliability
A qualified furniture office chair usually has a service life of 5 to 10 years. The office chair is used frequently and has an office chair of the same quality and quality. It is necessary to fully evaluate the frequent reputation of the ICBC and Beijing to ensure that the selected products have certain reliability. If the choice is not good, after a period of use, it is often prone to functional failure, loose screws, and accessories bursting. Greatly affecting the user's work mood also causes replacement costs.

4. Fabric material
The office chair is divided into a staff chair, a boss chair, a conference chair, a leisure chair, etc. according to functions. At present, the staff generally sit on mesh chairs and hardware chairs.
Mesh chairs and hardware chairs are characterized by breathability, sitting and aesthetics. The design of modern staff chairs is based on ergonomics, so it is not easy to sit on the chair. Metal chair materials (generally electroplated iron or aluminum alloy) and mesh cloth ( There is a difference between domestic mesh cloth and imported mesh cloth).

How to identify the quality and safety of office chairs?

1. Is there a formal inspection report?
According to industry insiders, all the chair lifts sold by regular manufacturers will issue an “inspection report”. For gas pressure rods with a certain risk factor, the pneumatic rods are made of steel and high purity gas, and the gas is applied. Strictly sealed; at the upper end of the gas pressure bar, there are also signs printed by the relevant national authorities, and the manufacturer, the type of pneumatic rod and the prompts are written in English.

2. Check the load-bearing capacity of the backrest
The backrest of the office chair is what we want to focus on. We can sit up and feel that it is load-bearing and stable. If you sit up and feel the shaking is very strong and you want to fall at any time, then such a chair must be of poor quality. . Also look at whether the height of the office chair armrests is equal, and the unbalanced armrests will give people an uncomfortable feeling.

3. Check the chassis and casters
Some merchants use poor materials to make the chair, making its stability quite unstable. Then adjust the lifting system of the office chair or tilt the adjustment to see if it is smooth.

4. check the small details of hardware accessories
The tightness of the hardware connection is the key to determining the stability of the office chair. If the hardware connection is not tight, loose, or less screws, then the office chair will be very shaken, and may collapse after a long time. In the case, there are great security risks.
Office chairs in the informal use, in fact, there will be security risks, so everyone should pay more attention when using, office furniture purchase to the formal Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers to buy, only in all aspects of protection.