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  • Basic technical conditions for children's furniture

    First, it is to prevent collision damage of furniture to children.
    Children's furniture products are required to be free from sharp edges and tips, and the edges and edges should be rounded or chamfered.

  • How to choose and identify the quality and safety of office chairs

    1. Is there a formal inspection report?
    According to industry insiders, all the chair lifts sold by regular manufacturers will issue an “inspection report”. For gas pressure rods with a certain risk factor, the pneumatic rods are made of steel and high purity gas, and the gas is applied.

  • Why Choose Us?

    Our company is Newcity furniture co.,ltd.
    We are factory for office furniture and school furniture.
    Especially for chairs and sofas.Located in shunde foshan,china,Since 2006.

  • The importance of office chairs

    The importance of office chairs People who work at long-term desks are facing problems with the cervical spine. How to reduce the damage to the body caused by long-term desks? We can sit up and walk for a while, we can do this...

  • Hot-Sale High Quality Cheap Price Swivel Mesh Chair

    Type:Office Furniture                      
    Specific Use:Office Chair
    General Use:Commercial Furniture
    Style:Executive Chair,Desk chair,Lift Chair,Mesh Chair,Swivel Chair
    Place of Origin:Foshan,China(Mainland)


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  • High Quality Sofa

    Lazily lean on the sofa to watch TV, chat with family and friends, lie on the sofa and play mobile phones Besides bed, sofa is our second heaven on earth.


    Im honored to inform u that our factory has resumed work and the worker back to production.

    If have any needs about the Office chair ,Sofas,Auditorium chair and Cinema chair pls let me know.

    We will cooperate with u try our best .

  • The story of the modern office chair

    Given the modern materials,clean lines and mechanical complexity of high-end office chair today,it may be surprising to learn that the office chair as we know it today was born more than a century ago. By tracking how the office chair evolved with the changing nature of work,we can better understand how we ended up sitting on kinetic sculptures of mesh and metal today,and where the office chair might go next.

Office Chair

Office Chair

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Promotional Price Swivel Mesh Chair Manufacturer China

Office chair refers to all kinds of chairs

which are provided for the convenience of work in daily work and social activities.

Our office chair has adjustable height device and flexible 360 degree arbitrary rotation basic function,

various styles, beautiful appearance sample and color matching.

Mesh Chair

Leather Chair

Training Chair

Executive Chair

Meeting Chair

Daily maintenance:Avoid collision during handling; 

pat the seat frequently after sitting for a long time to avoid depression;

do not expose it to the sun under strong light; 

do not rub it vigorously to damage the skin of chair; 

try to make the center of gravity in the middle of the air pressure bar to ensure that the air pressure bar can be lifted and rotated easily and flexibly; 

regularly maintain the office chair.